Jewelry Care

However, jewelry items must be properly cared for.

Some hygiene items can be damaging to jewelry items, such as soap, lotion, perfume, and hairspray. Your fashion jewelry should go on as the final step of dressing.

Give your fashion jewelry loving care, so that you can enjoy many years of satisfaction from your ensembles.

Do not use liquid jewelry cleaners. Simply, use a polishing cloth to remove smudges. Polishing cloths are available for purchase on our website for a nominal charge.

You should remove your jewelry when participating in sports activities, swimming, showering, heavy cleaning or yard work. Rings should be removed before handling cleaners or bleaches and before dish washing.

Some people may have high acidity in their skin or other skin problems that can be caused by allergies. It is suggested that they consider pins or other items of jewelry that do not touch the skin.

Your jewelry offers years of enchanting wear when properly cared for. Enjoy!